California Travel Haul: Pt. 2 (or Should I say, Disney-Haul)

Better known as Disneyland – this notorious travel locale is a popular destination for tourists from around the globe. For that reason alone, don’t expect a laid back vacation filled with the soothing sound of the ocean or quiet strolls along the boardwalk. Anaheim is branded as Disneyland because thats been their identity for the last 65 years.


The only theme park to have been over seen by Walt himself, Disneyland was the original park to its sister company “DisneyWorld” in Orlando, Florida (I got caught up in Disney research). Although significantly smaller and less lavish in show, Disneyland holds so much history in its cobblestone streets and antique disney castle that it cannot be surpassed.


Behold, the magic of Disney in all of its glory. Growing up we were always so fortunate being able to travel. When I was 6 years old, my parents woke us up in the middle of the night and told us to get dressed and brush our teeth. Next thing you know, we were on a plane from Inuvik in the Northwest Territories all the way to Anaheim, California. Surprise your children – whether its with a vanilla swirl cupcake or a last minute vacation x dream come true. I promise you they’ll still be talking about it 15 years later.

Here’s the thing; Disney, no matter where you choose to go, is a lot to process. I give major credit to the moms and dads that bring their entire family on a vacation to major theme parks. As magical of a memory as it is, it looks like hell unleashed watching them trying to wrangle their convoy of ruggrats at the motherland of all things fun and exciting. Imagine having three kids under the age of 10, trying to keep track of them, making sure they’re wearing sunscreen, feeding them, and above all – doing it without blowing up in front of the entire park (watched it happen, twice). All this goes to say, I hope someday I can be as calm, cool and collected as these hard-working parents that are just trying to make a memory for their children. I mean, I could barley contain my own excitement over their spectacular Christmas displays!



Anaheim in the fall, well technically November is still fall, however to the California natives, it was most definitely their winter. The weather was still warm enough to wear a light pair of shorts (or dress in my case) and a throw sweater for the evening because, boy does it ever cool down – and you surely do not want to miss their fireworks.

Wait Time in November?

The parks weren’t particularly busy – I mean, there were still heap loads of tourists, but it wasn’t 2 hour lines for every single ride. We averaged a 20-40 minute wait for the majority of rides. Nothing unbearable.

IMG_7010 copy
Speaking of rides, whether you’re 2 years old or 22 years old, there really is no shortage of excitement when it comes to the caliber of these rides. Let my face speak for itself.

What to Wear to Disney?

Choosing your ideal Disney look isn’t easy – I mean who doesn’t want visually appealing photos at Disneyland? I did a lot of research before going to scope out the rides/outfit logistics. I live most of my life in dresses and skirts so I just threw on a pair of shorts underneath and I was set for the day. While flipping through Disney IG outfits, I was inspired by @Amberfillerup (favourite IG mom, ever) and her trip to Disney. The adorable mouse ears and braided pig tails were the perfect staple for my own style ! Find inspiration and put your own twist on it (I like to think the denim dress did the trick).


PS: STAY CLOSE TO THE PARKS. With plenty of resorts and hotels within walking distance, it makes it so much easier to walk to and from the parks during the day. This is the one time I would recommend a resort over an Airbnb, unless you can find something equally as close!

All in all, your bound to find love and joy and plenty of magic at this merry-go-round of child fantasia. I cannot wait to share these memories with my own children someday.




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