Saying Goodbye to 2018 PART II

The last days of Cheryl: Road trippin’

Cheryl the Chevy. My first car. Everyone remembers their first car, whether it’s having your tires accidentally flattened by a roommate, late night romance in the back seat, or the hundreds of spontaneous road trips you took with it. There are so many precious memories associated with your first car and they will never be be lost, rather – passed on. In this case, to my younger sister… The joys of moving to Toronto meant giving up my precious Cheryl to my middle sister. So, before shipping my girl way up north, I decided to plan a few road trips to commemorate our time together. 


First stop was Quebec City and the eastern townships in Southern Canada. If you’ve ever wanted to find an adorable getaway closer to Ottawa or Montreal – Magog or Sutton should certainly fit the tags. The most adorable historic towns that represent the simplicity of living country side. Theres so much substance in the people and the food and certainly the scenery. Not worth missing!

Secondly, my dad and I decided to make the 2 week voyage through the north-eastern part of the US and finishing off on the east coast of Canada. We started in Vermont, then headed to Maine and New Hampshire, eventually crossing the boarder into New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and then PEI. If you think that sounds like a lot, you’re absolutely right. There was just way too much for us to see in 2 weeks, but the pure excitement of the road trip made up for the missed opportunities. Another iconic road trip I would definitely recommend to you. 

 My first solo trip NWT 


Over the summer I did a lot of travel thanks to my place of work (shout out to First Air, Airline of the North ;)), but as my final hurrah, I decided that I would fly west from Iqaluit and do my first ever solo trip to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. I rented a car and explored the miniature metropolis. Yellowknife is filled with tourist companies and excursions, but in the summer time you can most certainly do it all on your own. Whether its watching the midnight sun, or taking a ride on a float plane. There is so much unique beauty to experience in the north that no matter where you go, you’re guaranteed the most memorable time. 

 Moving to Toronto and dealing with the fear of a new city


Ive now been living in Toronto for almost 5 months and what a roller coaster ride its been. One of my biggest fears about moving to a city was my lack of street smarts. I moved in with wide eyes and a bushy tail, and to be quite honest, I still get a kick out of watching people on the subway. Its hard to pick up on the social norms of an enviroment that you were never accustom to. It’ll take time, or maybe I wont ever lose my luster and curiosity. The point being, there has quite literally, never been a dull moment.

 Mending old relationships

This one was particularly personal to me. I’ve always been a firm believer in fate and destiny, so no matter where life takes you, you’ll always end up in the right spot. For me, it was the push to mend my old relationships. Whether its with friends or family, a big part of growing up was realizing that sometimes you have to put yourself in the hot seat and do the uncomfortable things in order to make things better for everyone . Seems like common sense, but it’s really a lot harder than it sounds. But once you do it, I promise you’ll literally feel the 200 pound weight come right off your shoulders. What are you waiting for !

 BONUS ** Fleetwood MACx2

Okay last one because this might have been my favourite part of 2018. Growing up, my parents used to playing Fleetwood Mac on our family road trips all the time. Growing up IDOLIZING this band, it was no img_6617_facetune_30-01-2019-12-54-57coincidence my roommate in university (shout out to Morgo) was also a die hard fan. So, when we heard they were reviving their tours – we just had to find ourselves at the Fleetwood Mac concert in November. It felt like a childhood dream being lived out with my best friend. The best part was yet to come, in December, my parents surprised my entire family with tickets to see them live in Las Vegas. Even more magical the second time around. The energy of Stevie Nicks mixed with the electrifying drum solos of Mic Fleetwood, will never be forgotten. We’ve always been a family of classic rock, but there has to be something so special about a band from the 70’s that can sell out an entire cross-continental tour in the 21st century. Let the music of Fleetwood Mac live on, and the stories of their songs, never be forgotten.


I know its late, but – HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS ! Whether its 2019 or 2059 we’re all bound to go through triumphs and turmoil – but don’t let yourself look back on those moments with a broken heart, but rather with gratitude for turning you into the incredible human you are today. 





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