Saying Goodbye to 2018

The passing of a whole 365 days really makes you sit down and look back at all the incredible memories you’ve had over the past year. A big problem I struggled with was remembering those moments.  We all want to be an inspiration in one way or another, but in my opinion, the winding road of complex stories and significant memories sheds so much more light into who someone is rather than the legacy they left. 

So! Because I started this blog in December – I thought id share some of my top 10 most memorable moments of 2018 so that you might get to know me a little better (and maybe convince you to try some of these places yourself!) 

Au Diable Vert – A break from reality

The start of 2018 wasn’t the peonies and roses I’d hope’d it to be. Sometimes we have to hit absolute rock bottom before realizing that you need a change in your life. the truth is, I couldn’t be anymore grateful for that time in my life – pulling yourself out of the absolute ditches is one thing, but if you can manage to find your inner strength, you’re on a whole new path to success. 

Au Diable Vert was a bit like the Mecca at the end of a pilgrimage for me. This cabin in the woods is where I retreated to after hitting my all time low. A top of mount Sutton in Quebec (about 4 hours away from Ottawa, ON) this treehouse sanctuary has a direct eye line to the rocky mountains in Vermont and the quietest surroundings you’ll ever come across. If you need a weekend getaway, Au Diable Vert should definitely be on your list. 

Costa Rica Sunsets


In March, my family surprised us with a tropical getaway to the sunny beaches of Costa Rica. We’re not much of a hot climate family (having spent the majority of my life in the Arctic) but Costa Rica is its own kind of wonderful. There’s no picturing all-inculsive resorts and 5-star service, its definitely more of an adventure destination.

Recommendations: Santa Cruz – hidden gem. Look for an Airbnb in this area and I promise you, you’ll get the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever see. 

AWG sister legacy – Northern lights

Later that month, I had the opportunity to head over to Hay River in the Northwest Territories for this little event called the Arctic Winter Games (it’s actually a pretty big deal). Backstory, when I was 16, I went to the AWG in Fairbanks, Alaska as Nunavut’s first ever figure skating competitor. Now, 4 years later, my little sister went to compete in the same sport. My heart nearly melted with pride when I found out. And to make matters even more sentimental, she surprised me by wearing the same dress that I competed in. It was an emotional time for the Devereaux’s but all in all, her team ended up placing 3rd behind Team Russia and Team Alberta. Not too shabby for a couple of 7th graders.


The decision to drop out of school – the up cycling creative

Here’s the thing, if you’re ever doubting your choices, or your career path or even your relationships, theres usually a cause to revaluate those stresses. For a long time, I ignored it because it felt wrong to be questioning things that I had invested so much time into already. Im also here to break you the truth, if something feels off, you need to change it. I promise you, it is a whole lot more productive to your personal growth to make those hard decisions now than to wait a decade and regret not doing it sooner.

So, I decided to leave my university program and apply to design schools across the country. The process of transitioning out of such a formal institution to a more creative and hands on lifestyle was such a relief for me. I started to see a shift in my day to day choices –  the blog became a tangible idea, my girlfriends and I were constantly out shooting outfits and local coffee shops and my sense of creativity was restored. One decision changed my entire lifestyle and will continue to affect me for the rest of my life. All in all, it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, so if you’re even questioning a major alternation to your life, just do it.

5 years with the IDA

Centre stage at our year-end show case.

In May I decided to go home to Iqaluit for the summer to make some money before moving to one of the most expensive cities in Canada. While working for my previous employer, I also get to catch the tail end of the dance season. In 2013 when my family moved back to the arctic, we started a classical dance academy to foster a love and passion for the arts. Since then, its been 5 years, thousands of hours of teaching, behind the scenes, recital planning and costume alteration that brought us to our 5th annual year end show case. It truly is the most magical time of the year. Getting to see all the little ballerinas get excited over their tutus and ballet shoes is just so gratifying – if you’ve ever been a dancer, or you have a child in dance, you know just how much the little ones love being on stage. This was certain no exception.

Spending summer in iqaluit with my closest friends


The long days and the even longer nights, summer in Iqaluit poses a very unique set of challenges including the almost 22 hour of pure daylight. All this goes to say that your peer group in an isolated northern community is ESSENTIAL. Im so lucky to have met some of the coolest gals and pals that made those long summer nights even more fun. Summer solstice, late nights fishing, ATV rides on the tundra, and even camping adventures during the dreaded July mosquito season. Thank you for being such wonderful human beings and taking your unique northern experience and spreading the positivity with others ❤

Part II of 2018 to come ! 





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