Toronto Fashion Week 2019

Mikhael Kale Runway SS19

Let’s not lie to ourselves, at one point in time we’ve all wanted to be the Miranda Priestly’s of the world, slicking it with the most current designers and the best dressed influencers. This years street style seems to be particularly saturated with neon’s and suiting. At first, I was thrown off by the vintage pinstripe suitings paired with neon under slips, but in fact the SS19 Pantone colours for New York Fashion Week are reminiscent of another era of colour that’s finally come back to runway. Fashion resurfaces itself but above all it comes back bigger, brighter and better.

Pantone Colors New York Fashion Week SS19

This year’s 3-day TFW was packed with local designers from around the world. More impressively, they showcased the importance of ethically driven runway styles. Everything from recycled and sustainable fashion lines, to indigenously owned and modelled runway looks. Toronto is certainly no Paris or New York Fashion Week, but it’s so commendable to see the integration of not only creative design but the elements of a more sustainable future for the industry. That’s how we kick ass here in Canada. Major credit goes to all the design teams that have worked tirelessly to produce these speciality lines for our enjoyment. A lot of the time we forget the hours of drafting, pattern cutting, stitching and steaming that goes into a piece of clothing that we see on the runway. Having worked in a design house (very briefly) myself, it gave me much more appreciation for the creatives that are working behind the scenes.

The Kit

A little self-love here; check out the editorial by local Canadian fashion outlet The Kit on the top 15 street style looks of TFW19. A friend of mine sent this article to me after Fashion Week and my jaw hit the ground when I saw it. It was pretty honouring to have been featured along side these beautiful fashion forward babes at TFW.

Article by The Kit

Pants: Wilfred

Shoes: Aldo

Jacket: Lamarque

Sweater: brought to you all the way from Greenland (thanks dad)


Here’s the thing, you don’t need to be an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to be confident in your own style. Whenever you have the opportunity, take out your best dressed outfit and strut yourself into that runway show like you own it. There is no great accessory than confidence.


I’ll be seeing you next TFW fashionistas,



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