Welcome to The Hudson Blonde

A blog inspired by the simplicity of arctic living and the vibrance of city lifestyle.

As a little girl growing up in the high arctic, there was no better feeling than putting on  my brand new, hand crafted parka for the first time. Not only did it keep you warm in -50 degree blizzards, but it instilled an appreciation for the art and craft that came along with the it. Now, finding myself full circle back on the frozen tundra after conquering all 3 coasts of Canada, I’ve come to find my own personal inspiration in the many cultures that surround me.

The Hudson Blonde is a series of fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs, showcasing the spontaneity of city and arctic living. From the Hudson Bay to the Toronto skyline and everything in between.


Meet Kate:

My life began on the west coast of the Hudson’s Bay, in a remote community named Arviat. Growing up between the eastern and western arctic, my entire childhood was encompassed by the serenity of nature and the beauty of the enviroment that followed. After venturing south over the years, I started to realize just how vibrant and captivating the rest the world was too . The combination of my unique journey through the arctic, and the abundance of experiences that came along with exploring beyond my boundaries brought me to realize that having the best of both worlds is a story that I wanted to share.

Ice Cream Party (3)

Ironically enough, my “passion for fashion” came from moving back to Iqaluit, Nunavut in 2013. It was the hours of stitching and pattern work that brought me to realize my niche interest in fashion technology. My curiosity spanned from the use of recycled and traditionally cultivated furs to contemporary design and style trends.

SO, here goes the first step in sharing this journey with you. You’ll find everything from northern exposure to street style in the 6ix, follow me through the Hudson and beyond. Don’t forget to subscribe for all the blog posts and follow me on my social media platforms for even more of the Hudson Blonde.